Using LinkedIn – a few tips

An overview of coaching and training for LinkedIn as part of your professional networking and marketing:

Sue has delivered a number of presentations on the Business benefits of LinkedIn. We usually cover quite a lot of ground, and her thoughts are summarised here ….

  • using LinkedIn profiles helps establish common ground in face-to-face networking
  • photos and description are key – why do so many profiles not have a photo?
  • it IS possible to build relationships online – face-to-face is still important though
  • always customise the default LinkedIn invitation – it provides context for the invitee
  • group discussions – engagement is key as a business development accelerator; be proactive; if you don’t participate in the groups then leave them, don’t just bin the updates
  • good phrase – LinkedIn is a light touch way of keeping in touch with people
  • you can connect some social media sites to automate postings – do this carefully
  • you have 120 characters to describe yourself – use them to the full

If you’d like more tips, have a look at Sue’s ebook “Useful Guide to LinkedIn“.

And you?

Are you making the most of LinkedIn, twitter, blogging and all the other tools available to you, alongside your face-to-face networking? Do you have a strategy and a plan for you and your staff/colleagues and the necessary skills?

If you’d like help for you or your staff, please contact me – see the contact details above:

Feel free to send Sue an invite on LinkedIn and tailor the note

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