Active Listening

Be an ACTIVE listener, not a spectator

A Ask questions and pay attention to the answer
C Concentrate on the person in front of you
T Two way conversation; listen and you will be listened to
I Interest in others; show you are interested in them
V Value them; maybe you don’t think their role and yours will be helpful to each other; but who else do you each know, who could be of help to each other?
E Eye contact; nothing displays great listening better than positive, consistent eye contact
L Listen and really hear what is being said
I Impressions; how good is the first impression you make?
S Summarise and clarify what is being said and Smile
T Take notes, where possible (or shortly afterwards); just a note on the back of their business card may be enough
E Enthusiasm for them and what they are saying
N Nodding and listening noises
E Ears open and paying attention
R Respond and reply to what is being said / asked

HEAR what they are saying

Listening is one part of communication and, like all skills, it needs to be practised. Whilst many people claim to be good listeners, they are good at sympathising with friends. If you would like to understand more about listening in business conversations, please contact Sue.

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