Team events and CPD

August 10th, 2010

What is CPD?

Anyone who belongs to a professional services institute is required to maintain their professional and personal development under the terms of that institute’s Continuing Professional Development scheme (CPD).

How does this work?

In overview, they are all founded on the same principles ie

  • Plan: 
    • Assess the personal development you think you will need to maintain yourself, in your role, over the coming months / year
    • Agree this with your line manager
    • Decide how you will meet these development needs
  • Activity:
    • Make the necessary arrangements
    • Complete the activity (eg secondment, reading, project, training course)
  • Reflect:
    • Review the activity and the actions you committed to
    • Review the actions and progress with your line manager
    • Conclude on the effectiveness of the activity to meet the need you identified

At this stage, you now have a record of your CPD activity/ies.

So, what’s the confusion?

For many people required to track their CPD, they have a number of issues to deal with: 

  • Is there a minimum / recommended number of points or hours? For many institutes, this is no longer a requirement to do a set amount of hours. So, check out the website for your CPD scheme. Examples:
    • ICAEW – no minimum
    • Legal Society – 16 hours p/a
  • Does the training have to be with an approved supplier? For most institutes, there is no requirement for the supplier to be approved / registered. For some, there is a percentage which must be approved / regulated. Examples:
    • ICAEW – no requirement
    • Legal Society – 25% must be with an approved supplier; the remaining 75% can be delivered in a variety of ways 
  • What if I change my plans during the year? That’s what a plan is for. Your role, the department, the business could all change drastically in a year, or a few months. If you need to adapt, then you do so. If some plans are no longer relevant, then you drop them and you take up other development to fit the new plans.

What does this have to do with a team event?

The fundamental requirement of development is that it should be relevant to your role in the business you work in. Whether you are an accountant at a marketing company or a marketing manager at a firm of accountants, your CPD is about your role in that context. A team event would be an event for a team (or department or unit or whole business) dealing with the current issues for that team and how the performance can be maintained or improved. It might be collective development, but it is about developing skills, knowledge or processes to maintain or improve the business. So, a team event, focused on the business is everything to do with CPD and best practice for the business.

Why now?

Many institutes require their members to sign off their annual CPD declaration between October and December each year, so there’s some frantic activity going on to ensure that everyone complies – on time. If the business as a whole is part of a professional organisation, then it will often have requirements to prove that everyone is keeping themselves up to date, so the business leaders have an added incentive to monitor this. As we reach the Autumn and then the end of the calendar year, many staff are wondering whether or not there will be any kind of Christmas / end of year “social”. We know that many businesses curtailed such expenditure over the last 2-3 years and have every intention of maintaining a low spend this year.

What might a team event look like?

  • business briefing – what is going on in your business and the local market
  • importance of the individuals and the team individual and team styles, potentially using a psychometric profile
  • management exercise – team activity including feedback and discussion
  • putting ideas into action – getting individuals and the team to decide what to do
  • fun and socialising – as much or as little as you want

What now?

If you would like to discuss the options for your team and your business, contact Sue Cohen by phone or email, as you prefer:


M: 07971 400653

T: 020 8953 6477

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