Showing staff they are valued – Other support

April 9th, 2010

Some areas of “helping out” tend to be part of large organisations, but smaller ones can also do something for their staff and the community. 

Swap shop

A “swap shop” for your staff could be a simple book and magazine swap, clothes swaps or toy swaps. Each new user / borrower, pays a small amount to the “seller” or puts money into a charity box, or both. At the end of the month, or quarter, the money in the box is given to a local charity.

Supporting the community

Times are tough for many people, including voluntary organisations and charity shops. Anything which can’t be swapped or sold between the staff could be given to the local charity shop or staff might volunteer to help in the shop. 

Of, a group could get together and help tidy up a communal garden or children’s play area.

Or, giving in a different way – maybe some of the staff could be encouraged to become blood donors – this usually takes about an hour, every 4 months.

Rocket science? Definitely not
Common sense? Yes, probably
Common practice? Unfortunately not

Contact me if you’d like to discuss ways of motivating your staff and developing their team skills.

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