Implementing E-Learning Case study


The business used a dedicated training centre, delivering face-to-face training for 3,500 staff from 30 offices around the UK. The programme was well-established and highly valued within the business, with programmes for all disciplines, levels and topics and offering a selection of programmes delivered in the local offices. As well as a selection of local face-to-face events, there was a need for some programmes to be delivered in short sessions, in all locations, over a short period of time or as part of an annual refresher programme.

The first bespoke programme consisted of a UK induction programme, covering the common elements of the firm’s set up, structure, operations and services for all levels of staff, across all disciplines and locations. In the early 2000s, e-learning was in its infancy, with few options for self-managed content.

Over the following 5 years, the needs grew to include generic skills, IT training, including generic programmes, generic uses and business-specific uses.

Sue Cohen’s role and contribution

For the first induction programme, Sue was responsible for sourcing the software to create the programme, agreeing the overall areas with the key stakeholders, managing and uploading the content from a range of contributors, sense-checking it with users and rolling out the programme across the firm. Over the following five years, Sue and colleagues sourced a small selection of generic skills training, followed by generic IT training, to support the rollout of Microsoft Office software across the firm.

Following the introduction of this training, with online reference and help materials, Sue sourced and introduced management training packages from Harvard and Ashridge, followed by newer products to design in-house IT training for use by the IT training team to deliver core IT training across the firm covering bespoke elements of MS Office training programmes, as well as use of industry-specific and in-house software.

Key achievements / outputs

  • Created innovative bespoke induction package, full customised and managed in-house
  • Designed and created supporting rollout materials
  • From an initial position of not requiring any training, beyond online help within the software, influenced key partners to introduce e-learning for MS Office rollout. The core programme was centrally-based, with introductory and advanced training modules, covering all topics in a step-by-step manner, uniquely (at the time) supplemented with full modular, “just-in-time” sections, downloaded and updated on each PC.
  • Sourced software and training for small team of IT trainers to create bespoke modules, with house style design and content covering house templates for Word and Powerpoint industry and firm-specific software.


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