Data migration Property Company Case study


The “Head office” of this Property Management company was setting up one of its divisions to run as a stand-alone entity. Under the existing contract, Property Management services were outsourced to Managing Agents, with user access to the client company’s systems; staff at this division used a variety of other systems within the original company, and the services of its support functions.

Under the new structure, the new entity would require its own systems, whether in-house, web-based or outsourced. The decision was made for the Property Management data to be transferred to two Managing Agents, who would take over full control of all the data and transactions, reporting back into the new entity.

Sue Cohen’s role and contribution

  • Manage the migration of the data from the existing Head Office systems to the two Managing Agents, who would then be reporting to the new entity
  • Liaise with all other IT workstream leaders, Project Management and Head Office management dealing with all IT aspects including infrastructure, other office systems, Document Management, Support
  • Work specifically with the IT workstream leader responsible for the ongoing transfer of transactional information from these systems, into the new entity’s other key systems, including General Ledger
  • Work closely with the senior management team of the new entity and the Managing Agents
  • Planned, organised and facilitated the phased transfer of the information to two Managing Agents from one system, managed by multiple Managing Agents, ensuring the data migration was completed on time
  • Worked with Managing Agents to co-ordinate the ongoing processes for the new outsourcing model
  • During the project, Sue also took over the management of the setup of a new Document and Records Management System (DRMS) and the transfer of documents, into the new entity, using a new file structure

Key achievements / outputs

  • Ensured the Property Management data migration was completed on time, into two Managing Agents’ systems, having been phased from 7 different departments, with three different operating models
  • Ensured the DRMS, the new entity’s file structure and all documents were transferred on time

LinkedIn recommendation – Roy Evans, Programme Lead

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