360 feedback software implementation Case study


The National Management team of the 250+ partner firm decided to use 360 feedback, as part of the partner assessment and performance review. The question areas needed to tie in with the firm’s competency model, and be able to be changed over time; with confidential reports, easily accessible and in house-style. Any new software/system needed to allow for:

  • Varying number of respondents per partner
  • Flexible timescales across the business
  • Report templates in house-style
  • Ease of access for staff across the business
  • Anonymised reports
  • Ease of administration including setup of “appraisee” and respondents and output of reports to appropriate coaches and “appraisers”

Sue Cohen’s role and contribution

  • Researching and sourcing software; assessing pricing options and recommending solution
  • Managing relationship with supplier, including ongoing negotiations re licensing and use
  • Working with small senior-level project group to collate content (competencies, key questions, report layouts, templates)
  • Becoming expert user and trainer for system administration
  • Setting up all sample questionnaires and reports and User testing with project group
  • First year administration and maintenance followed by appropriate handover

Key achievements / outputs

Following initial research, it became apparent that the majority of online solutions, which allowed multi-user and multi-site access were charged on a per report or per “appraisee” basis. Sue identified one provider who would license the business to use the software with multiple administrators. This allowed flexibility for use as much (or as little) as was needed, with an increasing number of appraisees, respondents, as well as two or more question sets and report styles.

As a result, Sue was able to:

  • Create an initial questionnaire over which the business had full control, and update / amend as required
  • Create house-style reports with key charts, tables and narrative data
  • Track usage and maintain confidentiality of respondents – with confidential replies, responses rose by 20%, with an increase in narrative responses and specific feedback
  • Ensure the business had sufficient trained administrators, enabling appraisee requests and reports to be set up when required, within tight deadlines
  • Initial indications gave a cost of approximately £100 per report. With an initial programme covering in excess of 250 partners and aiming to use this annually and with wider management groups, this was “excessive”. By using this licensed software we paid an annual cost of £5,000 plus an initial £5,000 for training, saving a potential £15,000 in year 1 and £20,000 in following years

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