Project and interim management

Sue Cohen Ltd offers interim and project management services to:

  • initiate and manage projects, around new processes and systems for your business
  • re-focus stalled projects
  • improve the use of new systems and processes across the business
  • develop project management skills within your department leaders to manage internal projects

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Service Overview

Project management and Interim management services to help you manage business projects, around new processes and systems, people development or IT projects. Having worked on a range of projects and with partners, directors and staff at all organisational levels, Sue has accumulated a wealth of experience in:

  • Managing projects
  • Managing project teams
  • Coaching department and business leaders to manage projects
  • Working with senior-level project sponsors, boards and stakeholder groups

The services are designed to help you manage your business projects, around new processes and systems, people development or IT projects. In overview, we will:

  • Help with project planning from the initial Business Case, through to implementation or at any stage throughout
  • Ensure communications work through the different parts of the project team, as well as throughout the organisation and externally, as relevant
  • Facilitate meetings of the project board, the project team, teams within the project
  • Facilitate focus group, feedback and user group meetings
  • Provide coaching for the project manager, sponsor and board
  • Assist with data collation and co-ordination
  • Research and find other resources you need

The services can be delivered to suit you, and depend on the size and nature of the project and the timescales. In most cases, there is sufficient technical and business knowledge within the business, but not enough resource (staff/director time) to manage the whole project and ensure everything is delivered. Here’s a couple of examples of how this might work in practice:

Project management – fixed number of days a week for the life of the project (from 1 to 5 days per week) assisting with all aspects of the project.

Project coaching – a number of consultancy days, spread across the first few weeks of the project including help with planning and set up of the project and clarifying roles of project manager, project sponsor and project board. This might be followed by a number of focus group meetings; fixed or flexible coaching sessions with project manager – face to face or by telephone.

The services are:

  • Focused on your business
  • Adapted to meet your needs
  • Flexible to your timescale and budget

See the attached case studies.


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