Processes are about people, as well as IT

June 11th, 2018

When working with businesses to improve processes, the conversation often starts with people saying something doesn’t work properly, so the “system” needs fixing. Whilst it’s unlikely any system will be perfect, it’s also likely that there will be a lot of it that does work well, even if it might be out-dated.

And, if the systems are fairly new and well-specified to suit the business, it’s likely that many of the processes around the system, where there are inputs and choices by users, will be where the “fixes” are needed. This could be due to a lack of knowledge and training by users or where the processes are not designed to fit well with the business and its needs.

While any IT supplier will include some elements of training and process review within the project, they are areas that are not always given enough time and resource, until late in the project, which may delay the benefits of using a new or updated system.

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