Medium to long-term planning has gone out the window

January 3rd, 2012

To summarise a number of conversations I’ve had recently, what many business leaders are doing can only be described as short-term thinking. Very few are planning for the next 12 months let alone any further.

A COO I spoke to recently is struggling to balance a number of priorities and knows that, unless he and the MD have a view on what they need to be doing in 1-2 years, they can’t possibly make the right decisions now. And yet, he’s battling to get the time to do this for himself, let alone with the rest of the senior management team. He’s not alone.

For this particular COO, his mindset is definitely towards investment and away from costs – but he has other people to persuade internally, before he goes for the next IT/marketing/people investment cycle. So, how do you plan for the future? How do you encourage your clients / prospects to do this and look at investment in the future, instead of simply cost-cutting today?

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