Managing change – summary

December 1st, 2015

So, it’s “Normal”

That seems to me to be the key word for many people – knowing that they / those they are supporting are “normal”. For many people expressing their deep thoughts and emotions at work is still seen as unusual and difficult, whether that’s anger or sadness.

And unpredictable

To complicate matters even more, the speed with which thoughts and emotions change and the way some people behave in a different way, or far more extreme way is very difficult to predict. No matter how self-aware someone is and how good some are at “reading” others, particularly those they know well, it is highly likely that someone’s reactions will just not be what you/they expect.

As a manager / colleague / friend

Listen — offer help — do what you offered

For the individuals going through this change, be it at work or personally, know you are normal, find the support which works for you.

What can I do?

I work with business change projects, helping leaders to anticipate the stages their colleagues will go through and how to help this, in the context of the project. Managing these emotions at work, where they’re often least expected, is as important as managing them within personal tragedies and life-changing events – get in touch if you are involved with a business project. If there’s any kind of change, these issues will be there ….

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