Leadership and management funding 2011/12

March 28th, 2011

The good news

This funding programmes continues for April 2011 – March 2012, albeit with some “tweaks”.

How much?

It is now all match funded, up to £1,000 – 50% funding for a programme with a total cost of up to £2,000.

The funding is flexible so you can use it for whatever programme is suitable for your business and budget whether that is workshops, online training, training courses, coaching, mentoring and training for qualifications.

For whom?

Eligible businesses are now those:

  • with 2 to 250 full time equivalent employees
  • display the potential for high or fast growth, defined as:
    • if trading for more than 12 months have the potential to increase turnover by 20% each year for three years
    • if trading for less than 12 months have the potential to achieve a turnover of £500,000 within three years of trading

So, what’s the problem?

So, in times of recession and hardship, funding is available to those with “potential for high or fast growth”. What about all those with the potential to maintain a steady or slow growth?

I’m just amazed … people development (ie training) is often the first budget to be cut by many businesses when times are tough and yet, if you don’t ensure your people are well developed, they are not going to be able to help you through the difficult times as well as they might, nor afterwards. And, many of the highly motivated and energetic staff will be working on their own development …. and taking it elsewhere at the first opportunity.

I wonder:

  • how will the advisers assess the likelihood of the applicants to meet this potential?
  • will eligible businesses be put off by an increase in red tape to apply?
  • will this really help the majority of SME/micro-businesses in this country – the backbone of our economy?
  • how many will be put off …. the funds will sit there and then it will be deemed a failure due to lack of use?

Call to action

So – if you’re an SME/micro-business who’d like to apply for this funding, please contact me. Between us, let’s see how we have to show “potential over the next 3 years”. Please contact me on:

sue@suecohen.co.uk 020 8953 6477 / 07971 400653

Feel free to send me an invite on LinkedIn and let me know how you found me –


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