Importance vs urgency

May 24th, 2017

Just for today, what’s important?

It’s one of those days where what seems most important is probably not what is most urgent. Anyone who has looked at ways of improving time management will have looked at sifting To-do lists into priorities where the most urgent items are done first, then the most important, sifting out other things potentially by delegating to others.

Today is the day after the Manchester bombing and every social media site, including LinkedIn, is full of it. The bits that stand out for me are:

  • a news presenter in tears, while trying to be professional
  • the strangers who helped each other, including those hanging on to the injured, not knowing if their own family members were safe
  • increase in security
  • an angry presenter being told “now is the time to comfort people, not to get angry”

So, I’ve been diverted from what is urgent or important within the realms of my work to something else. And today, just for a few hours, that’s okay.


We’ll all be back on track shortly and if you want to find ways to time management and project management within your organisation, please get in touch.


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