Diary of a consultant – week 1

May 9th, 2011


Blogs started as web logs – diaries of activities and personal musings. As I often explain what I do in a variety of different ways to a variety of different people, I thought I’d approach my blog in a different way for a few weeks and see if that helps to explain it a little.

So, week 1

– last Monday was a Bank Holiday and, I have to say, I did little work. Checked a few emails and tweets on my Blackberry and that’s about all. Instead I, like many others, was houseworking rather than working at home – you know, washing, tidying, ironing. Why am I mentioning this? Well, how many tasks do you undertake during the working day which are “mundane”, “boring” and yet, necessary. Could you delegate or outsource some of these activities?

– Tuesday I was back at my desk with a long to-do list, including several phone-calls. Having now released my ebook some of the conversations were about publicising this through my newsletter and elsewhere. I arranged a few meetings and managed to get some semblance of planning into some of the meeting days so that I didn’t waste more time travelling across London or Hertfordshire (my main areas), between meetings, than in them. How much time do you waste between meetings because they haven’t been arranged very efficiently? Do you make of online meeting and conference software to help with this? I’ve found these tools have really helped me.

– Wednesday I had a “coffee / 1 to 1” with an accountant I’d met at a networking event a few weeks ago and we traded tips on coffee shops as well as ideas for mutual contacts. Then I met a new contact (the sort where you walk into a coffee shop and look around for the other person looking around) and had a great chat about a forthcoming event for the ICAEW …. more to follow on this soon as well as other ideas. Then I recorded a webinar as a backup for the live one taking place on Wednesday this week for The Lemon Club  Finally, a meeting with a lawyer I’d chatted to at a couple of events and an opportunity to find out more.

– Thursday started early with my regular Metropolitan City group meeting with NRG. I also go to the Metropolitan West End group regularly – a networking group which builds business relationships in a relaxed and professional manner. Back to my desk for some more follow-up, including a conversation with a contact I’d not spoken to for a while, resulting in a one-page overview for a potential project.

– Friday, just the morning at my desk, still following-up on some of the phone-calls that hadn’t got anywhere and sorting a few things at home at the same time followed by an afternoon off. When I worked in an office, a break away from the desk was usually over a coffee and to chat to others about something to do with business. Working from home, I take coffee at my desk and have to remember to move away from the screen before my eyes tell me to do so.

Call to action

What projects and assignments have you got running which might benefit from a fresh look to arrange and organise them and the resources? How well do you and your colleagues / associates communicate and arrange meetings and online discussions? If you’d like help in setting up or managing ongoing work demands, from fundamental time management techniques to project planning, please contact me on:

sue@suecohen.co.uk 020 8953 6477 / 07971 400653

Feel free to send me an invite on LinkedIn and let me know how you found me –


And, let me know what you think of the ebook and the The Lemon Club / webinar.

As always, your comments are welcome

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