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What do customers talk about, in terms of their needs prior to engaging services?
Senior management are often struggling to get things done; lacking reliable, prompt, information to allow them to manage their business and sell more services. Examples:

  • Large amounts of work-in-progress and/or debtors
  • Suppliers chasing for payment
  • Management and staff “wasting” time on duplicated paperwork
  • It is unclear what proportion of clients deal with more than one department of the firm
  • It is even less clear which ones would be ideal targets to do so
  • Month-end is manic and year-end is worse.

Who does Sue Cohen Ltd work with?
Medium to large professional services firms – accountants, lawyers, surveyors, property businesses.

What about smaller firms?
Many small firms will have similar business questions; the level of time and resource they can invest in changing systems may be more limited. Such firms may be able to benefit from a coaching service rather than a project management service.

What have others said about Sue Cohen Ltd’s services?

  • Gets things done quickly
  • Talks the language of the business
  • Challenges senior management and makes sure decisions are made
  • Understands how people, processes and systems fit together to deliver results.

What geographical area does Sue Cohen Ltd cover? 
London and Home Counties, travelling around UK as projects require.

How does Sue Cohen Ltd charge?
What works best for the assignment, either:

  • For the time taken (hours or days, depending on the nature of the project) or
  • Fixed price for the project / phases, tied in to the outputs and KPIs of the project.

Corporate Social Responsibility
All businesses can do something to support local communities and individual voluntary opportunities. Sue Cohen Ltd:

  • Supports blood and stem cell donation through Joely Bear Blood Donor Appeal, the only volunteer-led blood donor session in the UK, running 3 times a year.
  • Sue Hantman is a co-opted governor for a Nursery School; vice-chair of the finance committee.

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