A to Z of people skills – Zzzzz

January 14th, 2013

Seems like a simple question – are you getting enough sleep and rest?

In these busy, ever-contactable, times, do you swith easily from work to home, business to social?

Look around many workplaces and you will probably find a few people who aren’t sleeping as well as they would like; who aren’t as engaged at work as they should be; who are vulnerable to every bug going round, as they are run-down. There also some people who survive well on less sleep than the “recommended average”, leaving others to wonder who’s right.

I’m no sleep expert, but I know that, if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I’m usually okay for a day or two. However, if it continues for longer, then I start to suffer. When I had an office of my own, I could put my head on my desk for 10 minutes and feel better afterwards – this isn’t really seen as okay in many places. I also know that if I’ve got to drive for more than two hours, I need to allow extra time to rest during the journey, even if I feel okay at the start.

Is sleep and wellbeing high enough on your, and your colleagues’ agendas?

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