A to Z of people skills – Giving

May 18th, 2012

Here we are, up to G – Giving. This could mean a number of things, mostly it is about giving time where it is needed. I find a lot of business people are “too  busy to …” and then finish the sentence with anything they seem to be avoiding such as training, networking or managing people. Okay, that’s the cynical view. Who in your business would benefit from you giving them just a little more time than you do at the moment, just to help them be a little more effective in some part of their role?

On the other hand, what/who else could you give your time to? How about volunteering in some way to help others or giving to a charity, as part of your bsuiness? I’ve just had a business conversation with a client which finished by him “suggesting” I’d like to buy raffle tickets for his son’s football team fundraiser event. Does your business support local charity and volunteering events in some way? What do you think are the business benefits of doing so?


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