A to Z of people skills – Effectiveness

April 23rd, 2012

I said D is for Do it and Deliver; part of a response I received was to “make sure you / they are doing the right thing”. And that leads me nicely on to Effectiveness. There is a huge emphasis on efficiency in organisations – not too surprising when you consider that so many businesses are struggling. Surely we need to use our resources as efficiently as possible? Well, yes.

Then again, surely we should be ensuring we are effective first – Efficiency is about doing things right / correctly / well / with minimum waste whereas Effectiveness is about doing the right thing.

It may seem odd in many businesses, but how many people are doing something really efficiently – but it’s the wrong thing to be doing? For most people, prioritising is about having a long list of “To do” items and deciding what to do first. Junior people, those somewhere within an assignment or project, can often ask someone else to decide, what’s most important? Whereas, I wonder if those running their own businesses or managing large departments and divisions, find it difficult to prioritise their long lists and work out what is the most important thing they should be doing right now.

So, how do you prioritise and ensure that you / your staff are doing the right thing at the right time, then concentrate on making yourself / them the best they can be? Or, what is the most important thing you should be doing, right now?

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