“You missed WHO off the invites?”

June 12th, 2017

Your business is running an event, a celebration across the firm and you want to invite your customers and contacts. Yet, when the invites go out, it seems that a few important people have been missed off, names misspelt or lost via an incorrect email address.

Customer Relationship Management is key to any professional services firm and the system you use to manage Customers and Contacts is, therefore, critical. How, therefore, can the list be wrong?

  • it’s the system – what system? whether you have a CRM system across the whole firm, multitudes of spreadsheets and contacts lists or, more likely, both a system and number of “extra lists”, it’s unlikely the system itself is at fault; the processes and procedures which users employ are key. That’s not to say that a better system may be easier to use, capture information and provide useful reports and information
  • it’s “them” – that department over there …. professional services firms across all sectors combine a number of services into one firm, in order to offer those services to clients. Yet, many of them operate as separate functions and departments, as if in silos, so information is not naturally shared
  • it’s not what I’m here for – many see their role being to bring in new clients and deliver services to those clients; they aren’t rewarded for bringing in clients for other functions or to support other functions across the firm

What can you do?

  1. be clear about what system, processes and procedures you need from the whole of your CRM
  2. clarify what your CRM system needs to do to support this
  3. evaluate what you have against this and then decide if you need something new or modified
  4. clarify roles, responsibilities and tasks of staff across the firm and implement them

Starting with the first: Clarify the system, processes and procedures

The best way to do this is to look at all the different elements which make up CRM, in its widest sense, across the firm. Involve partners, managers and staff across all fee-earning and support functions, not just marketing and sales staff. The firms we’ve worked with have found the whole process of discursive workshops, with a cross-section of people, has helped to identify what they really need to do to improve the ways they work together, often finding significant impact from small changes. The workshop itself often helps users really understand how other people use the systems and the information, improving the ways they work together.

How we can help?

At Sue Cohen Limited, we’ve worked with a variety of professional firms, outlining the core processes the firm wants to include within their review, setting up and facilitating workshops to discuss each of the processes in detail, documenting the processes with maps and narrative, in the level of detail which they need, so they can implement best practice in their environment.

Get in touch to find out more.

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