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June 26th, 2017

In the last two articles, we discussed the need to be clear about what systems, processes and procedures you need from the whole of your CRM, CRM system and the way it is used and then the gaps which need to be filled by the system.

Step 4: Who does what – staff roles and responsibilities

There are often issues which arise when colleagues are unclear who does what and when; the link and flow of information and processes between and across departments. When looking at Customer Relationship Management in professional services firms, this is likely to touch every partner and staff member; everyone meets customers, prospects and other contacts.

Everyone is responsible for building and maintaining the business relationships. Many staff members will have targets for the amount of business to bring in, grow and deliver; with businesses which generally require a long lead time, there are likely to be targets for making contacts and generating leads. All of this information is important to the whole business, not just the individual and needs to be reviewed consistently. The IT part of the system should make it easier to track all these contact points, remind users when updates are due e.g. because a contact has not been spoken to for a certain amount of time.

The staff and partners need to be aware of not only how the system works, also what they have to do and why. Just by way of example, I recently went to an event for a regional firm, first time I have been there and there were a number of people there from the same firm. Having booked in beforehand, I assume I am now on the mailing list. After the event,

  • Who is adding information onto the CRM, as to what type of contact I am?
  • Who is going to follow-up and find out more about what I do and how we can help each other?
  • Will they add me to their newsletter?
  • Apart from the next time they run the same event, will I be invited to other events?
  • If I’m more likely to be a supplier than a customer, who will do something about that?

How we can help?

At Sue Cohen Limited, we’ve worked with a variety of professional firms, refining job roles and responsibilities, setting clear targets, improving performance management to ensure that the targets and information which are being monitored are best practice and work within their environment.

Get in touch to find out more.

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