Where DOES the time go?

April 26th, 2018

It’s been a while since I published an article, although there have been a few newsletters. Like many of you, while I might have this conversation with others, I’m more likely to have an odd conversation with myself – the value of the blog, content of articles, whether it is better to publish on LinkedIn or here or not at all, when to publish …. and, of course, finding time to write when you’re busy.

When managing projects, the same question arises – projects, sub-projects, workstreams, tasks are set, with appropriate deadlines … and the deadlines slip a little, then some slip further. The final “finish” date might be immovable, and a sense of panic sometimes sets in, as the work backs up; maybe the date has some flexibility, and a few people sit back again, relax a little and waste time (and probably others’ time and resources) as things back up and grind to a halt.

When managing projects, it is critical to know which dates are set, which are flexible and by how much. Then, the planning needs to get into the details of all the elements which need to be completed and how long they will ACTUALLY take – the combination of the amount of time needed and the time available to do so. A task may take a few hours, yet is given to the busiest person in the team, who is fully booked for weeks. While all the tasks will need to be done, some need to be completed in a specific order, and these links are not always clear to those completing the work.

As the Project Manager, I spend my time helping all the team members working through these stages, planning, doing and updating; communicating across all the teams and linking it all together; balancing the meetings, project management and project documentation with doing the project.

Call to action

If you are thinking of starting a project, are at the planning stage, or midway and need help to get to the finish, get in touch. We can help you manage this in an effective way for your business and your budget.

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