What giving feedback says about the giver

May 29th, 2014

I recently asked a few people to critique the summary on my LinkedIn profile, as I set about amending it. I received some really useful comments and thoughts about how others see me. It also prompted me to think about the way I received the feedback and what it says about the person GIVING it.

Replies from those I’ve worked closely with, over many years generally thought the long, detailed version was pretty good, with minor tweaks. They know a lot about what I do; we overlap in some areas; we have worked together on various L&D projects; so they really understand all the details.

Two other people who commented are both ISPs(*). I have met with them as part of my IiM(*) work as well as provider:client, although we haven’t known each other that long and we’ve not worked together [yet]. Their interview and accreditation processes are very different and so was the content and style of their comments:

– preferences for bullet points vs sentences
– content of the first summary paragraph
– need to keep it short; yet they are in different sectors, although both relevant to me, so what they thought was essential was different
– how to reflect breadth of experience/expertise based on who the reader might be
– inclusion of personal and “light-hearted” comments
– whilst time of day of working is relevant, one phoned me to discuss whilst the other sent me a marked-up document

So, here’s the challenge for all of us; a LinkedIn summary, like a cv, needs to appeal to the reader and we won’t know who that is, nor their preferred styles, so we need to make it appeal to a number of relevant sectors/roles AND as many styles as possible, while keeping it short and to the point.

I will leave it as it now is (for a while anyway). NOW I need to critique my website ….
Although it’s not the point of this discussion, I am happy to take feedback from anyone on my profile.

And, back to the title: what does the way you GIVE feedback say about you?


(*) ISP – Interim Service Provider; IiM – Institute of Interim Management

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