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July 14th, 2017

A thank you to those who reviewed my website and the recent changes – I’d welcome more comments, if you have time to look around.

Thank you is one of those phrases we don’t hear enough of at work and. When someone does something extra ordinary, sometimes they get personal thanks for it. Frequently, the comment is that “they’re only doing their job”. Harder still, is saying Thank you when someone points out something which isn’t quite right – that negative feedback, preferably phrased constructively, which means something needs to change.

Many people shy away from giving that feedback to others as it’s tricky and they don’t want to upset a colleague. Yet, we all know that we’d rather know something needs to change sooner rather than later and have the opportunity to learn and develop.

So, here’s the challenge – ask others for feedback. A good way to start the conversation is to ask someone what they would like you to continue doing? stop doing? start doing? Use the same phrases yourself when giving feedback. Even if you don’t like what you hear, say “Thank you” for the time and effort someone has put in to telling you/

You can do this as often as you like – not wait until the end of the task, project, assignment or the review meeting, particularly when the latter meetings are with the senior people and the customers.

How much more effective could individuals be, if they truly knew what worked best and what not to do? Effective individuals make effective teams which make effective organisations – and these are the more profitable ones.

Let me know if you’d like to improve the feedback – review – improvement processes within your organisation.

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