Planning your project – why are you doing this?

January 12th, 2011

The first step in any plan is articulating the overall aim – what is the business need? what problem/s are you solving? what new opportunity/ies are you creating? what are the overall aims and objectives? why are you doing this?

Eg – A business needs to manage its customer relationships effectively and it decides that this needs improvement. To start this off, it will need to define “effectively” and “improvement” in terms which are relevant to its business – £s, hrs, %ages and so on with timescales and time limits.

You can’t start the detailed planning, without this overview. Many people say planning and managing a project is a bit like juggling … except most jugglers start with 2 or 3 items and then, sometimes, work up to 4, maybe 5 items.

Most of the time, they juggle with a number of items which are all the same and they can see all of them at the same time. If they throw something behind them, it goes up high and (when thrown correctly) moves in a predictable way and then it’s caught.

Project planning isn’t really like that. The different elements are each a different “size and shape”; there are differing priorities and interest; timescales shift; people don’t behave predictably and other “factors” get in the way. Yet, it is still possible to plan.

And you?

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