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Successful teams

Practical programmes designed to build successful teams whether they are new, existing or restructured teams, departments or whole organisations. This teamwork training covers a range of different team types and is delivered inhouse, for selected teams, departments or whole organisations. Programmes are split into a number of modules, covering a range of key areas as required for the team:

  • Individual and team questionnaires
  • Team communications
  • Team exercises
  • Individual actions and team collaboration

These programmes are run inhouse, designed around the business needs of the organisation and its team/s. Programmes can be designed for any size of team, including virtual teams with infrequent face-to-face contact.

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Training for team leaders

This falls into two areas:

  • Workshops for team leaders within the organisation
  • Coaching for individual team leaders

By the nature of 1 to 1 coaching, the programmes are always designed with an individual and to meet their needs.

Overview of workshops

A typical workshop is likely to last at least a full day and consist of:

  • In-depth introduction to the questionnaire
  • Individual reports from the questionnaire
  • Team discussion on what this means for the team – clusters of types; absence of types; impact on the team and the way they work
  • Team activities – business simulation, closely matching the work environment
  • Discussion on outputs of activities – what does this mean when working together? what actions do individuals and team leaders need to take?
  • Agreement on next steps
  • Review of workshop – individual learning and actions; group actions; review process
  • Teambuilding activities

Prior to the workshop, participants would have been asked to complete an online questionnaire, relevant to the aims of the workshop.

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