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Project management training

Project management programmes cover two key areas:

  • In-house programmes and workshops to start/re-start/build a specific project, covering project management and teamwork within a specific project
  • Working with and coaching project managers

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Overview of project management training / workshops

Depending on the state and nature of the project, the workshops are designed around the project, or a closely-related case study, with practical exercises to illustrate the stages in setting up and managing a project and covers whichever of the following elements are relevant:

  • Business case – why do you need to do this project? what will it achieve?
  • Planning, budgets and costs
  • Project roles – sponsor, board, manager, team and workstream leaders
  • Meetings, filing and reporting
  • Decision-making
  • Communication and liaison between workstreams
  • Communication to users and across the organisation
  • Closing down a project and hand over

Overview of project management coaching

As an extension of the project management training workshops, Sue offers a tailored coaching service for project managers, typically department heads with the need to manage a one-off project. The coaching programme will be designed to meet individual needs based on previous experience of running projects and the nature of the particular project under discussion.

These programmes are run where and when the client wishes to run them and are flexible to the needs of the project managers being coached.

Please contact Sue for more information.