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Effective leadership and management

Effective leadership involves more than managing people and teams. Definitions of the difference between management and leadership abound and can be summarised as follows:

“Management is about day-to-day activities; leadership is about long-term strategic development.”

Whatever your definitions, it is likely that senior leaders need development which is catered to them in selected groups and as individuals. As an extension of the management training workshops, Sue offers a tailored service for business leaders, mixing small group sessions, within a business and 1 to 1 coaching sessions. Depending on the people involved, there may be options for discussions with leaders in other businesses.

The programme will be designed to meet the business and individual needs and is likely to draw on a range of development tools, including:

  • Understanding personality through the use of Psychometric questionnaires
  • Upward feedback from the team
  • Understanding motivators and values and how they impact on leadership styles at work
  • Facilitated small group discussions
  • Personalised coaching programme

These programmes are run where and when the client wishes to run them and are flexible to the needs of the leaders / directors being coached. Contact Sue for more information.