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Developing business relationships

Dealing with customers can be tricky. For many, as they progress through their chosen profession from newby / trainee through to director / partner / business leader they move from technician to people manager and customer service manager.

To be successful at the highest level, they need to develop enhanced people skills to sell services, often in a tough, competitive environment.

The culture within many businesses, and their approach to selling, relies closely on relationship selling. However, other “selling skills” are also required. Successful service businesses need to bring their selling skills into the services context, to be really successful. Similarly, if you run a small business, where you are one of a few, or the only, person who networks, sells and delivers a service, you want to be sure that you are getting the best from each of your business activities, including meetings with contacts, targets and prospects, as well as existing clients and customers.

Overview of workshops

Have you ever walked out of a client meeting and felt you had not got the best out of it? You could not make a connection with the client, no matter what you tried. Did you write it off on the basis you can’t get on with everyone? Is that right?

This workshop will help you understand more about the different types of people you will meet; and by increasing your understanding of their behaviour (and yours) you can adapt to suit them and progress your meetings to a more successful conclusion.

What will you learn?

During these workshops, you will:

  • Learn how your own style is likely to be perceived by others
  • Gain understanding of the strengths of your personal style
  • Consider what aspects of your style you need to pay attention to when working with others
  • Learn what to look for in others, to identify their preferences
  • Learn why body language is so important

The workshop will include a variety of interactive exercises which will require you to be open and honest about your client relationships.


The workshop will be tailored to your type of business and tailored accordingly.

See Sue’s contact details above, if you would like further information.