How does Learning and Development help facilitate business change?

October 9th, 2011

I recently co-presented a session at the World of Learning Conference entitled “The criticality of learning in delivering business change”. To me there are a few key issues to address if a change is going to be succesful to the business and L&D can help with this.

A starting point is usually the business case. It may sound facetious, but how often, when changes are being implemented, do people ask “Why are we doing this?” If they don’t understand what the business case is, how can they buy into it, particularly as any change, including those seen to be “positive”, usually involves some pain, increased workloads and uncertainty.

Not only does the case for the business as a whole and sometimes for separate divisions, need to be clear to everyone who is part of it or affected in some way, but each individual needs to be clear about WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

And all of this comes down to open and honest communication – two-way. The leadership needs to be able to listen to the concerns of others and be sure that they’ve addressed them as best they can and they, in turn, have been heard.

Now, I’m not the first person to say this and you may well have had this discussion before. Why, then, do so many business leaders seem to spend so much time managing around and through all the bad feelings and negative energy generated during change, “fire fighting” and cutting back on communication? Why is it so difficult for business leaders to communicate openly and honestly with the people in their business? Why don’t they ask for help from the people used to communicating with staff – L&D and internal communications and get the help they need?

If you are involved in a change project, small or large, are you sure the business case is clear to everyone? Are you happy with all the communication and the ways it is dealt with in your organisation? If you’d like to talk about the options, contact me and we’ll look at how we can help you find the solutions for your business.

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