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November 7th, 2014

Is that how you feel about engaging with people, particularly through email and social media? You write a blog, or LinkedIn post, you tweet and post status updates in LinkedIn, google+ and other platforms. All of this is seen by your network and you hope that some of it spreads to their network – hence the drive to grow online networks to reach more people.

I recently started a new “marketing campaign” and emailed 500+ people within a specific market sector, also phoning about 10% of them. I wanted to:

  • engage with these people to …
  • motivate them to complete a survey to …
  • “prove” my credibility and …
  • encourage them into two-way communication, by email, phone and a meeting to …
  • find new customers

As well as my own use, the outcomes are useful to those within these sectors and who work with them. Interestingly, outside of the follow-up with my “targets”, I’m currently engaging in a number of conversations with other small businesses about the process I went through t.

It seems I’ve now generated another strand to my offering around leadership, project management and coaching, helping business leaders work through their own process, gathering data, deciding on questions, organising the emails and telephone calls, as well as the output and report writing. Oh, and, if you have Growth Voucher funding in the Leadership and Management category, this work could be part-funded.

If you’d like to discuss the options and possibilities, please get in touch.

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