From anecdotes to evidence

August 10th, 2014

Having worked with professional services firms and providers for many years, I’ve collected a wealth of anecdotal and unstructured evidence. In order to help firms understand more about the wider market, bench-marking against others, I’m looking to collate this into some structured research.

Some of the anecdotal evidence suggests that many professional bodies are largely run by the representatives of the largest firms in their sector, as they often have the resources to do so. As such, this survey is primarily aimed at small to medium-sized firms, including accountants, lawyers and other professions.

If you are in a senior management position within a professional services firm, I’d really like to hear your views. Click Professional Practices Survey to open the survey online.

If you prefer, click Professional practices Survey (Word) and complete on screen, or print and complete by hand (return details at the end of the survey). Or we can arrange a face-to-face or telephone discussion – contact details at the top of the page.

And, feel free to pass the link and information to others.

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