Customer Relationship Management – process AND system

June 19th, 2017

In the last article, we discussed the need to be clear about what systems, processes and procedures you need from the whole of your CRM. The next step is to clarify what your CRM system needs to do to support this. When people blame “the system”, whilst it is frequently about the way people use the system, the system itself needs to be able to deliver the information you want and need it to.

Step 2: What does the CRM system need to do

Having previously looked at what you want from the whole of the CRM, this needs to be broken down into:

  • System requirements
  • How data is input into the system
  • Reports required from the system
  • Processes which overlap with other systems
  • Stand-alone processes, i.e. outside the system

The system requirements will need to be broken down in a number of ways, not least those things which are essential, useful, nice-to-have. Detailing all the requirements for all elements of the system is time-consuming. However, these details enable a comprehensive review of the current system or any that you consider purchasing.

Step 3: Evaluate what you have against this

It is not unusual to discover that the current system has some limitations on what it can do as well as finding it has capabilities which aren’t currently being used. Use this comprehensive list to evaluate what each system can do, consider the existing workarounds to what is missing and what workarounds you might need in a new system.

This is a long and detailed part of the process and time needs to be given to properly evaluating what you need against what you have or what alternative solutions may offer. Only then can you decide if you want to retain your current system and invest in modifications, potentially using a newer / upgraded version, or start with a new system.

How we can help?

At Sue Cohen Limited, we’ve worked with a variety of professional firms, looking at system specification and working with suppliers to find the best solution for the business.

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