Business communication – are you talking the same language?

July 1st, 2013

Here’s a thing – my business is conducted in English, UK English to be precise. Whilst I meet a number of people whose English was learnt elsewhere whether in US, Australia or South Africa and, therefore, “almost” the same or as a second language, after something else quite different, the vast majority are UK English born and that’s how we conduct our conversations.

Most of the clients I deal with and their staff likewise communicate in UK English.

So, how come so many managers and directors don’t seem to get the results they wanted, when they wanted them, in the way they wanted them? In my experience, it often comes down to some kind of mis-communication. The process, systems and the skills to improve communication can, and should, be learnt and honed. Most of this training, though, starts by helping people think about how they construct their message for clarity – I like to start with how we listen, to improve clarity. They are all part of the same thing, yet by changing the emphasis to improving listening first, the emphasis of the training and the responsibilities and actions of senior managers evolve in a different way.

If you believe the communication within your business could be improved in some way, even if you’re not sure where this needs to be, let me know and I’d be happy to discuss the options with you and find the BEST solutions for you and your business.

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