Are you planning to fail?

May 31st, 2013

You’ll have heard that old saying – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail – yet, many people and business seem to do just that.

Part of my role with clients implementing some kind of change or new system is to help them not only plan “on the hoof”, also to learn from the process. Many years ago, I heard someone state that you need to spend about 25% of your time planning and, if you don’t, you will overrun when it comes to completion. Now, whilst I don’t know that you always need to spend that amount of time on the planning, I am convinced that the outcome IS true.

Whatever the final stage which follows the “project” – completion, close-off, implementation, handover – I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard above overruns, over-budget, irrecoverable costs, missed deadlines, lack of use of the system. And most of this has been the result of poor planning. I also hear senior people say their staff keep making the same mistakes – they aren’t learning from them. Who wants to make the same mistake twice? There are plenty of new ones out there.

Many of the projects I’ve helped with have not been L&D projects and I know I couldn’t do the “technical stuff” they do. However, I can take an objective view, ask lots of questions and help you create and manage a plan which suits you and your business. Contact me for more information.

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