Supporting you in your business – recruitment

I recently surveyed* over 400 accountants and lawyers and from their responses the key challenges with recruiting experienced staff (3-5 years) are:

  • Skills shortages in many disciplines
  • The lure of big firms and their salaries
  • Time and skills required to recruit staff
  • Maintaining and growing the business

If you are facing this challenge then why not contact me. I might just have the answer you are looking for! Your benefits and your return on your investment in my time will be:

  • A key strategy to overcome the pain of recruiting new staff
  • A strategy for GROWTH
  • A refined positive process you can take forward with your business

My Offer – for a limited time only which includes a money back guarantee**
I can offer you the following practical solutions:

Option  1, fixed 3 Day engagement – which includes:

  • Discussions and development of a new recruiting strategy for your practice
  • A training package for your team involved in recruitment
  • Review of a campaign, monitoring progress and providing advice on improvements

Note: I will work with you for 6 half days and will be available on call during the interim.
Reduced from £1,950 to £1,800

Option 2, fixed 5 Day engagement – which includes:

  • The Bronze package, plus:
  • The design and development of your own assessment workshop
  • Review of your first assessment workshop and advice on improvements

Reduced from £3,250 to £2,950

Option 3, fixed 7 Day engagement – which includes:

7 day engagement – which includes:

  • The Silver package, plus:
  • Hands on involvement with your first assessment workshop

Reduced from £4,550 to £3,950

To take advantage of this offer, or answer any question you have, simply contact Sue on, 07971 400653 or 020 8432 2725.

*During the last 4 months I have engaged with 400 professional practices seeking their views on a) managing client relationships and b) staff issues and c) leadership and if you would like to see the results of this please get in touch.

** Offer price open for bookings confirmed by 30 November 2014.
If at the end of the your consultation you are not happy with the outcomes I guarantee to refund your money, subject to Terms & Conditions.