About Sue Cohen

Sue Cohen Profile Photo 2016

I have more than 20 years experience in Managing Projects and People. Working as an independent consultant, I use my experience to help leadership and management teams ensure they are delivering excellent service to their customers, by identifying how they work together, with their processes and their staff, to deliver their products and services.

Working with the business leaders, we identify where they excel and where they need to make changes, the changes they need to make and the most effective ways for them to do so within their business, their culture and their resources.

I combine my training and knowledge as an accountant, with my aptitude for organisation and implementation in order to deliver an excellent project management service. Having spent significant time in Learning and Development, managing staff, budgets and other resources, I have also developed great coaching skills and the flexibility to work with people at all levels of an organisation. I work with you to capture the business benefits of your project, analyse the finances and identify all key performance indicators which bring together the systems and people within your business requirements.

As well as helping to develop others’ management skills, I have managed permanent and associate staff, and external contractors and Subject Matter Experts. Within professional services firms, I have worked closely with people in a range of disciplines and specialist areas, those delivering fee-earning services and the support service functions.

I blog on a range of topics around project management, communication, people and management skills and allied business areas.