A to Z of people skills – Speak up

December 26th, 2012

“Speaking up” is about being seen as confident and acting assertively, one aspect of which is about volume, particularly in presentations and meetings. I was in a meeting recently and it was noticeable how one of the managers, normally vocal and loud enough to be heard in any large group, spoke far more quietly than normal.

He had been asked some questions, which he said had “thrown him” a little, even though they all knew what they were there for. He went on to make some notes and read from them during the meeting.The interesting thing, as an observer, was that he knew the answers to all the questions and didn’t need to look anything up. Yet, he still referred to his notes throughout, head down and voice lowered.

Are you conscious of when you project an image which is less assertive and confident than normal? Do you notice others who you know have plenty of knowledge and experience and are reluctant to speak up in meetings? If you are interested in developing these skills in yourself or with colleagues, contact us for ideas for workshops and 1 to 1 coaching.

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