A to Z of people skills – Questions

November 2nd, 2012

I am convinced that people don’t ask enough of the right type of questions.

Sales training will always address the need to ask the right questions, to ensure that the product or service you are supplying meets the needs of this particular customer, whatever those needs may be.

Communication and listening skills training will always address the different types of questions, paying attention the answer and then following up with further questions or a summary or response.

I still think more attention could be paid to identifying specific questions which are more, or less, useful. Just by way of example, person A is talking through an idea and asks person B – “Does that make sense?” or maybe “Do you understand?” Now, if person B thinks they are expected to understand, whether it’s because A is the boss, or even B is the boss, or they’ve said it’s simple and straightforward, they are likely to reply with a simple “Yes.”

Think about the questions you ask and are asked – how could you improve some of them?


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