A to Z of people skills – Motivation

July 19th, 2012

When managers and trainer talk about motivation, they often spend time talking about motivating others – what helps, what hinders, what demotivates etc.

I think the key is to start with leaders and managers and what motivates them, as individuals, to do what they do? For most of us, it starts with our internal drivers – yes, we can have good days and bad days and, frequently, those around us will impact on this. However, I can choose to react positively or negatively to others – they can only “push my buttons” so far and, for someone else to do this well, they need to know me well, (or be lucky with their guessing). If I manage others, I can influence them in a positive, or negative, way, if they choose to be influenced. Many people don’t seem to think that they can choose to not react to others, I would say that they can and do subconsciously – if we help people to be more conscious of what drives them, they can be more open with this, and then be more motivated to find the positive and build more virtuous, instead of vicious circles.

Positive moods and outlooks are infectious … if others are open to them.

So, if you have staff who appear to be “demotivated”, start by looking at the manager/s and leaders and what they do which exudes their own enthusiasm and motivation, including yourself and other leaders.

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