A to Z of people skills – Learning

July 9th, 2012

Learning or Listening – that was my dilemma for “L”?

In the end, it seemed to be they are intrinsically linked together and that you need to want to learn, in order to listen well. I am sure I, along with many, miss numerous opportunities to learn throughout the day, mainly because I’m not paying enough attention. Some of the new ideas, issues, tools or skills won’t be appropriate and I need to filter them out – some of them probably might be if I hadn’t dismissed them.

As someone who helps other people learn, though, I believe I need to pay attention to my own learning and, sometimes, to things which might be more useful to someone else than to me. Sometimes I do that well, and sometimes I have to work harder at it.

Sometimes the most effective learning is the most difficult / painful as it’s associated with a bad experience we really don’t want to repeat – it would be great if we could, instead, have more learning which we remembers because the learning process was a positive experience as well as the outcome of doing something new / different / better.

What’s your best learning memory?

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